Babies cry for all sorts of reasons. They may need a diaper change, they may be hungry or they may simply need a gentle touch or your calming voice. However, when you do all this and they keep crying, it seems they are inconsolable no matter what you do. And many mums just go into tears.

When this happens, the first thing you need to do is to maintain your calm as much as you can. And we know this isn't easy! However, your baby absorbs everything and if he notices that you're nervous, he will keep crying even more.


5 Ways to Soothe a Crying Baby

When you fed him, he burped, his diaper is clean, and he is comfortable (not hot or cold), then try one of the following methods.

#1: Rock in a Chair or Glider:


This is probably one of the most popular rituals when you have a baby at home. While in the old days, you would simply rock your baby in a chair or glider, more parents are opting for hands-free rocking.

So, when your baby is fussing, try to put him in a vibrating bouncy seat, a motorized baby swing or an automatic cradle.



#2: Wear Baby in a Front-Pack Carrier:

Sometimes, your baby may just need to listen to your heart or be close to you so he can feel safe. And one of the best things you can try is to use a sling or a front-pack carrier. Besides soothing your baby, you also remain with your hands-free for multitasking.



#3: Swaddle your Baby:

Most babies simply need to feel cozy and secure. And a swaddle is just perfect. According to most parents, swaddling can not only help them calm down their babies as they also sleep longer.



#4: Soothe with White Noise:

Many babies tend to calm down when they listen to rhythmic whooshing sounds. This reminds them of the womb. Some prefer a fan, others a hairdryer and even others prefer a vacuum cleaner. Just try them out and see what works for your baby.



#5: Encourage Sucking:

A lot of pediatricians don't like pacifiers. However, when you have a crying baby at home and nothing seems to calm him down, then you really need to try everything.

The truth is that many babies are actually able to calm themselves with nonnutritive sucking. And you may notice that sucking his thumb, finger or even fist can calm him down.



Bottom Line

Ultimately, don’t despair. Having a baby is a precious and priceless experience. And while it may not seem that way when your baby doesn’t stop crying, just rain as calm as you can and implement one of the methods explained above. You know your baby better than anyone and you will know what calms him down.